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Germany's BASF is benefiting as people under lockdown fix up their homes but its CEO said the chemical maker may be left out of the party after the pandemic as consumers turn their spending to entertainment. CEO Martin Brudermueller told Reuters that BASF, whose chemicals and plastics go into items including cars, furniture and construction materials, has benefited from purchasing activity amid lockdowns. The uptick delivered support to the EUR early in the European session.

Widely watched airfares in China are recovering to pre-pandemic levels as domestic tourists lead a patchy air travel recovery, scattering crumbs of hope to a shattered global travel sector. With international markets like Europe still in partial lockdown, the global tourism industry's attention is riveted on China's new travel patterns as it brings COVID under control and lifts curbs on movement. The Chinese domestic market quietly overtook the once-dominant U.

German insurer Allianz is nearing a 2. Allianz is close to entering exclusive talks with Aviva and a deal could be announced as soon as Friday, the sources said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

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A spokesperson for Aviva confirmed the British insurer was exploring options for its Polish business. The British pound rallied on Friday to break above the 1. However, the 50 day EMA looks as if it is trying to offer resistance. Nowhere is this clearer than in Nigeria, where the central bank is so worried about Nigerians choosing cryptocurrencies over the naira for overseas remittance payments that it is now paying them to use official channels for those transfers instead.

The central bank announced the scheme after international remittances inflows plummeted last year, as more Nigerians abandoned official banking channels by turning to cheaper cryptocurrency exchanges. The stock market debut followed strong investor enthusiasm for Poshmark Inc. Bloomberg -- Lockdowns, a third wave of infections and a disastrous vaccination campaign: the pandemic is taking a renewed toll on Europe.

From bond yields to stock prices, investors are pricing in the potential for months of lost productivity and consumer spending. Options traders are at their most bearish on the euro since July, and the gap between German and U. At the heart of the issue is that Europe is failing to combat the pandemic, while the U. Just this week, while infighting continued between European Union governments, President Joe Biden was doubling the goal for vaccinations in his first days in office. No wonder investors like Luke Hickmore are bypassing the euro area on their way to the U.

Treasuries are pricing in faster economic growth, while German bonds reflect demand for the safest debt and heavy central bank support -- causing the yield gap to widen to basis points. Now, there are concerns that the fund will be delayed, while the U. Stock RotationThe rotation in European stocks has started going in reverse, favoring defensive over cyclical.

Tech companies in the Stoxx Index capped their best five days since November, while retail and energy retreated during the week. Travel shares that skyrocketed this year on hopes of summer travel returning are now stalling. This is a challenge facing employers a It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.

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Now that is a line we can associate with running a business. Keeping up with payments is hugely important — not only to avoid extra charges, but because it can have a negative affect on your credit score Just as things seemed to be picking back up, the resurgence of the coronavirus is now leaving many areas with new lockdown restrictions, leading to pa The pandemic has had a massive impact on financial markets and the economy across the world.

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