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Chengdu is launching its first lottery trial to distribute the digital yuan; global chip shortage has hit cryptocurrency mining rig manufacturers.
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Mao Shixing, the co-founder of leading mining pool F2Pool, said at the Global Digital Mining Forum that the delay of the supply chain makes it impossible for mass production of new-generation mining rigs.

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Liu Fei, CEO of Bixin mining, estimated that the demand for mining rigs this year is about a third of what it was last year, and the production capacity is only a fifth of the number last year. It will be unrealistic to expect a quick payback from mining like it used to. Big Hi there, this is Lylian, an editor with 8btc.

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Interested in new stuff going on around the world. Get the latest Chinese policies on blockchain and cryptocurrency for you What are they thinking about recently? What are their judgments of the future of the industry?

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Topic 4: How can crypto investment outperform stock market and gold in ? Mining practitioners are also ordinary investors. In , apart from mining industry, how to maintain and increase the value of assets and even outperform the stock market through cryptocurrency investment? The participants of this roundtable cover financial institutions, miner makers, exchanges, investment institutions They are a group of people who know the most about capital and trading in the crypto space.

With the popularization of DeFi liquidity mining, the income of Ethereum miners skyrockets. The mainnet of Filecoin will be online soon.

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Guests of this roundtable will tell from respective fields how the mining industry is heading for a new blue ocean. Bitcoin is the first application of blockchain in value storage, Ethereum is the first application of global computing network, while Filecoin is completely different, which will be the first application in global data storage. From miner manufacture to IDC machine room building, the whole industry chain is complete. How do old-school miners transform into Filecoin miners? When is the right time for mining?

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Who is the leader in this industry? The guests in this roundtable are definitely the top players in the storage field. Here at NewsBTC, we are dedicated to enlightening everyone about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We cover BTC news related to bitcoin exchanges, bitcoin mining and price forecasts for various cryptocurrencies.

Maturing Market and More Miners Discussed at Odaily Chengdu Conference

All Rights Reserved. Advertise Submit a Press Release. Topic 1: Blueprint for supercomputing industry legalization is unfolding in new infrastructure era The direct and indirect investment scale of the new infrastructure is as high as 30 trillion Chinese yuan.

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