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There's no point buying a GPU to mine Bitcoin anymore; your money would be better spent on dedicated hardware.
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Granted, that's not very important for this video because we're gonna be looking purely at hash rates rather than profits and, as we see here for Equihash, we're looking at hash and for Lyra2 Revision 2 about , kilohash per second estimates. They've been ranking at the very top of WhatToMine for many months now. Now, even though we're only using two algorithms, there are a large number of currencies we can mind there. So, as I said we got for our estimate, for our estimate on Lyra2. Let's take a look at what we're actually getting. So the first time you get your miner and you open it up, this is what you're gonna be greeted by.

We ship our units out ready to mine these currencies. The configuration file is already set up, ready to go. All you have to do is plug in your wallet key for the currency that you wanna mine. You're good to go. So let's see Alright, so it may look a little scary at first, but all that really matters here is you're wallet key. So you'll be greeted by this screen her and all you have to do is select the currency that you want to mine, is just remove these hash symbols.

Now by doing that, you're removing what is a comment line in the code and it's basically just telling the miner, OK, this is what I wanna mine. So, I pulled those out and as you can see here, I do already have my wallet key in. You'll just need to fill yours in, but you're gonna take that, give it a save and let's start up the miner and see what we're really working with.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Mining Hashrate

It does take a moment to ramp up. Alright, so while the unit is ramping up, I figure that I'll mention, you know, we were kind of checking out the market and one of the big things that we saw with the other guys that are out here selling these crypto mining rigs is nobody seems to have any proof for what they're units can actually do.

We see estimates of around hash on Equihash from WhatToMine. We see people advertising their units at , with no physical proof, no pictures of their actual hashrates, let alone live video. And, on the comments for a lot of these sale pages, we notice people are complaining that they're only getting hash at most, so the advertised rates are really not what people are seeing and we kinda wanna break down that barrier a bit and show you guys that it really is possible to get these high hashrates. You just gotta know what you're doing. Alright, so we got our unit ramped up now.

It's starting to mine and right here we're seeing we got about hash. Now that is a little bit on the low side right now. I've got things cranked down a little bit, so you can hear me better. We don't have the fans running full speed, but I'm gonna dive in and show you how we ship'em out and what you can really push these things to.

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So as I said, we're sitting here at and all we're gonna do is we have the power usage is very low right now. We do ship them out a little bit below their highest capable specs just so you people out there that aren't very tech savvy, you're gonna have a wide margin for error if you wanna get in there and start fiddling with things. You can really do that without risk of overpowering your unit.

GTX 1080 Mining Rig ROI?!? How Long?

So, on average, I usually mine right around , so we'll give this a crank and we're gonna just enter that in, save our settings, and just put in our command for the overclock. Alright, so we've got our overclock set in here. It's ramping those up. Now when you receive your unit, it will be set at a mid-line area, but we will include a list of commands, you're basic functions that you need to know to be able to run the miner itself.

It is command line based, but it's very simple. At most ,you're looking at about five to ten commands that you'll actually need to know to run this unit. So, now that I have the overclocks in, we're actually gonna go in here and we're gonna show the miner, so you could actually see the shares coming in live. So as you see here, we've got our shares coming through. We are officially mining some Zcash and now we've got that little jump-up from to , so we're sitting right around that that most other people are selling their unit at, but nobody is actually seeing those hashrates when they get them there.

So, just for a point of perspective, we're gonna dive in here one more time and these units can take a whole lot of power. We have them optimized for the best split between power and hash rate, but if you're one of those people that really just wants to crank those numbers and get as much as you can out of this unit, it's completely possible and we'll give you a little eye on what that looks like.

Set these overclocks in. It will take a minute to ramp up because we're adding on another Watts to the unit, which once again is still well within our safety limits, but with that little bit of extra power, we can really give the unit and extra kick and I can just about guarantee you, you're not gonna be seeing these numbers from any other miner on the market right now.

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Let's pull this up again, so we can see our shares come in once more as we crank it up. So as you can see, we've gone from a low of around Watts and we're jumping right around to , nearly Watts here for this next section. Now, with that much power, you are gonna get a little bit more drain, but when you look at the WhatToMine profit ratio, even though you will be paying a little bit more in power, the gains that you get from this jump-up are significant enough that it's going to outweigh that increase in power usage.

An american bought 78 GTX 3080 & 65 GTX 1080 Ti

There we go, It's going to make a huge difference in your mining profitability on these units. Those tests were performed using the latest ccMiner fork release as for March 14th. This results in profits of about 2. Experts were also surprised by how poorly the GTX Ti performed with the Lyra2rev2 algorithm , outputting only However, this might be fixed with future driver updates in a week or two. The results were stable, with a hashrate of According to Nvidia news, there will be at least one additional GTX model variation that will hit the shelves soon, which will feature 11 Gbps instead of the 10 Gbps we have.

There will be also a new release of the GTX which will have 9 Gbps instead of the existing 8 Gbps. These new releases might be particularly interesting for those of you who want to mine coins like ETH and ZEC that are based on memory-intensive algorithms. The CPU is new and the drivers that are available today might be pretty raw.

According to some opinions, the GTX Ti has some great potential, especially if new driver releases will help to overcome the conflicts the miner experiences with some of the mining algorithms. Thank you for reading. As always, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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