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The mili-bitcoin mBTC is a thousandth part of a Bitcoin. Destinia has decided to show prices in mBTC as this makes the process more user-friendly and more convenient when showing prices on a daily basis. Click on the Booking button and you will always see prices in mili-Bitcoins and their equivalent in euros to facilitate the process. The encrypted address to where to transfer the amount will appear from your Bitcoin wallet, along with the total amount of necessary bitcoins needed to end up the reservation.

Once payment has been done within your wallet, click on the Pay with Bitcoin button in the web or use the QR code from your mobile phone; our system will double check we have received payment and will confirm your booking. Subscribe to our newsletter. Get travel-related ideas and promotions. There's only one more step left. Check your e-mail and complete the subscription to the newsletter. Skip to main content.


What is the Bitcoin? It is a unique currency for any person worldwide. Instantaneous payments, simple and commission-free.

What is the difference between mili-bitcoins and bitcoins?

We cannot process any partial Bitcoin payments for ticketing and any partial payments recieved are not refundable. Please ensure we recieve full payment as per our invoice to you in Bitcoin. Payments where sender or senders wallet has deducted network transfer costs will register as a partial payment and the booking will fail, despite the partial value of BTC having been transfered. Travel We Accept Bitcoin. Book your flights with Bitcoin now! The simple answer is yes. We use The Rock Trading Exchange as our transaction processor as they accept Bitcoin payment and convert the Bitcoin to a fiat currency acceptable to airlines, hotels, and cruise companies for Bitcoin payment.

Coinbase a USA Bitcoin exchange says: "Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. No one controls it. Bitcoin can be used to buy things electronically. To use Bitcoin on the Future. Travel site you simply shop in your favorite currency and at check-out choose to paywith Bitcoin instead of the curency you shopped in for your purchase. In order to pay with Bitcoin you will need an active Bitcoin wallet with a balance of Bitcoin sufficient to cover the entire purchase on the Future.

Travel site as we do not accept partial payments. Any partial payments recieved are not refundable. For list of Bitcoin wallets we suggest the wallets found on the Bitcoin site and recommend the Green Address wallet as it provides instant transactions. Bitcoin payments are based on the displayed fiat currency price on the Future. Travel website. For a single currency reference point all transactions are calculated for Bitcoin payment against the Euro rate on the Future. Travel website at checkout.

6 Travel Sites that Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment - One Day Itinerary

Travel does not display Bitcoin prices for a flight as you shop. Find your airline flights and hotel choices on Future. At checkout you are given option to pay by Bitcoin — BTC. Bitcoins are platform independent, so we technically accept any wallet for payments. The fastest verifications come from verified funds via wallets that use green address protocols and use Electrum servers for additional transaction verification.

We recommend using the GreenAddress wallet for managing your Bitcoin currency and payments. We can only accept full payment for Bitcoin Purchases. If you are trying to split the payment using 2 or 3 wallets please consolidate sweep your Bitcoins to one wallet. Any partial payments received are not refundable. All products purchased with via Bitcoins on the Future.

Travel website are NOT refundable. If changes are allowed by the supplier of services, you may make changes, and any additional charges past the initial purchase may or may not be able to be paid using Bitcoin. When you are buying something 'offline' it is possible to make payment using the Bitcoin option.

Travel will issue an invoice to you in your chosen fiat currency and provide you a payment link. At payment select to settle via Bitcoin. For payment by corporate code their must be at least 2 days between booking date and the travel date. You will get a warning to contact Future.

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Travel if a shorter time frame is used. If your flight is on an airline that requires 'instant payment', generally the case for discount airlines and some promotional airfares, your ability to use a corporate account is not possible.

Hotel Group To Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment

In these cases you will need to pay via credit card or Bitcoin. Crypto currency users are now familiar with paying by Bitcoin when they go to buy pizza, shopping, and even when they buy flight tickets. There is no doubt that Bitcoin is becoming one of the trusted currencies or method of payment around the world. Travel is a key online travel agency which accepts Bitcoin when customers want to use a Bitcoin payment for flights. Travel accepts Bitcoin in more than countries and to all destinations in the world.

Beside airline tickets, at Future. Travel you can pay with Bitcoin for hotel, cruise and tours booking. Please contact our call center to have the best service. First comes choosing your best and favorite flights in any fiat currency. Choose Bitcoin as your payment method and we will show you exactly the Bitcoin value of your ticket. Finally we will lead you to a Bitcoin payment link and you just use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the screen to make the Bitcoin payment successfully.

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Our Bitcoin expert is quite willing to help you if there are any problems with your Bitcoin payment on our online travel agency site. You can easily book your ticket and choosing Bitcoin payment method at check out. Book your flights with Bitcoin today! Travel accepts payment via the Lightning Network so credits may be used for future travel. A directory of Lightning enabled merchants is available at the Lightning Stores Directory.

Travel offers an affiliate programme that lets you or your organisation create income from letting others know they can buy tickets and hotel accommodation from us. You may sign up as an affiliate, at no cost, then promote Future.

Travel in an ethical and legal manner. If someone purchases a ticket that is issued by Future. Travel as a result of your direct effort via the Future. Travel affiliate programme, we will pay you an acquisition commission.