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Muse MBTC Radio CD player FM AUX, Bluetooth, CD, USB Battery charger Black · Why shop at · Muse M BTC CD-Radio · Frequently bought.
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Proceed from the center outwards. Do not store discs in places with high temperature or high humidity.

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After reading, replace the disc in its case. Remove the disc from its compartment if the device is to be transported. Connect one end of the cable not supplied to the auxiliary input connector of the device. Connect the other end of the cable to the headphones jack or the line out jack of your external audio appliance. Press to select the auxiliary mode. Normally use your external audio appliance;. Disconnect the external appliance from the auxiliary input to stop playback. Press to turn the unit on. Press to select the USB mode.

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USB appears on the display. After a few seconds, the total number of folders and tracks are displayed, and playback starts automatically. The unit will start to play automatically. Press or to select the desired folder and release the button to enter this folder.

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Playing automatically. Press successively to play a track of your choice. Om Muse M RD. T o switch from AC power supply to battery power supply , disconnect the AC cord from. The volume decreases, or sound is distorted during operation. NOTE: In order to avoid leakage, always remove the batteries when unit will not be. Please read the instruction carefully before operating the unit. AM: This unit is equipped with a built-in directional ferrite antenna, move and rotate.

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T o stop listening to the radio, set the function switch 1 to OFF position. If no disc is loaded.

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The total number of tracks. Adjust the volume level 2. Press 22 to suspend momentarily the playing track, the current track number. Press 22 once again to resume playing. Press 16 to skip forward to the next track or repeatedly to skip several tracks. Pr ess 15 re turn t o t he beg inni ng of th e trac k, or pr ess re peat edly t o s kip.

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  • If there are less than 10 higher tracks available, CD. ALL - Repeats the entire disc. The total number of tracks in displayed. Redo this operation as many times as necessary.

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    Press again to cancel the programmed tracks, and. It may.

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    Doing so may cause malfunction. The total number of track shows on display and it will start to play automatically. Press and hold or.

    Adjust volume. Press 22 to pause playback and press again to resume. The repeat and program function can be done to USB playing, please refer to. T urn 1 button to turn off the unit.

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    USB playback stops automatically. Other objects may. DC12V UM-2 1. Frequency range FM: 88 - MHz. AM: - kHz. This set uses a laser beam.