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The miners gather up as many transactions as can fit into a block, and go through a mathematical process to verify the block and add it to the chain of past blocks.
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Bitcoins exist as records of bitcoin transactions

Spyros Voulgaris 3 AuthorId : Author. Hide details. Abstract : Distributed ledgers are among the most replicated data repositories in the world. They offer data consistency, immutabil-ity, and auditability, based on the assumption that each participating node locally verifies their entire content. Although their content, currently extending up to a few hundred gigabytes, can be accommodated by dedicated commodity hard disks, downloading it, processing it, and storing it in general-purpose desktop and laptop computers can prove largely impractical.

Even worse, this becomes a prohibitive restriction for smartphones, mobile devices, and resource-constrained IoT devices.


So when a node hears about a new transaction, it checks to make sure that the signature is valid. If the signature is not valid, it will ignore the transaction. If you attempt to spend more coins than you own, then the signature will not be valid according to the blockchain record kept by the nodes. It is not possible to forge authenticity, you either own the coins and can create a valid transaction, or not. Note that 'transaction validation' in this case just happens on each node, as the tx is relayed through the network.

Bitcoin - Transaction block chains

This is different than 'transaction confirmation', which happens when miners include a transaction in the next block. After 'validation', txs are stored in each nodes memory pool mempool , until they are confirmed in a block. Here is a guide on how miners verify transaction on the blockchain. Simple and easy 5 min read, takes you through the proces in 7 steps. Sign up to join this community.

Bitcoin Core Validation

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blockchain - How can I verify my bitcoin transaction independently? - Stack Overflow

How Blockchain transaction verification takes place? Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 3 months ago. For example, can I use some software for mining, and verify my transaction here? If I have hash of transaction for example. You are missing the concept of blockchain, what is in a block and why and how validation is done. When you are a miner, it could happen you are the one mining a block that contains one or more of your own transactions.

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But you can't decide to validate your own transactions. What would happen if you create a transfer from my account to yours and validate that yourself? Or when you transfer more BTC to another account than you have in your own account, and you validate that? I understood, thanks for help.

How bitcoin transactions work

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