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Martinez, Inc. B Puerto Rico, Corp. Fernandez, Inc. Before Abb Water Meters, Inc. Y Syngenta Seeds, Inc. Enterprises Group, Inc. Lind Jr. Technology De Puerto Rico, Inc. Of Puerto Rico, Inc. Recycling, Inc. Erwing U. Com Inc. Torres Wooden Pallets Recycling, Inc. Mfg, Inc. Foods, Inc. Industries, Inc. Trading Export, Corp. Yuille Jr. Harland Company of Puerto Rico, Inc. Cruz Lopez, Inc. Aviles Jr. Quilting, Inc. Ayala Colon Sucres, Inc. Cuebas, Inc. Sales and Mfg. Stellarx, Inc. Retreating, Co. Gaffers and Films, Inc.

Blanco Realty Group, Inc. Reynolds Tabacco Co. Reynolds Tabacco Ci , Co. Draperies, Inc. Aluminum Mfg. Printing, Inc. Jurgel, Jr. Application of discriminant analysis to evaluate the improvement of financial indicators in the food sector companies Barranquilla-Colombia Brazilian airlines efficiency evaluation using a data envelopment analysis DEA and multiobjective linear programming hybrid model Cavitation detection in a centrifugal pump using acoustic emissions Study on incipient fault bearing detection based on enveloping and cepstrum techniques Moving beds represented by immersed boundaries: numerical experiments using large eddy simulation Effect of quality of information on institutional accreditation: an exploratory study on Chilean universities Leadership styles and human resources management: theoretical reflection about the impact on the middle school student results Comparison on effectiveness of the software requirements elicitation techniques: novice and expert vision Biohydrogen production from wastes via dark fermentation: a critical review Conceptual knowledge modeling as support in knowledge engineering Analysis of variables and indicators used to measure the information society Integration of a geographical information system in the planning and management of power distribution Comparison between different metaheuristic algorithms in parameter estimation of the general relational model of column liquid chromatography Multivariate analysis and QFD as tools to listen to the voice of the customer and improve service quality Comparison of the air voids characteristics of different hot mix asphalt HMA mixture types Vibration characteristics of single-stage planetary gear transmissions Feature reduction using a RBF network for classification of learning styles in first year engineering students Wireless smart environment in Ambient Assisted Living for people that suffer from cognitive disabilities Transmission expansion planning considering multiple generation scenarios and demand uncertainty Chord profile influence on the fatigue failure of a t-butt weld joint A development of census and survey integrated database using elements of business intelligence and SIG Design method for a Historical Data Warehouse, explicit valid time in multidimensional models Transforming requirements represented by pre-conceptual schemas into interaction models of holonic systems Carlos M.

Zapata, Gloria L. Lean Six Sigma in small and medium enterprises: a methodological approach Characterization of the product systems under customization, variability and differentiation. A study with experts Application of the Method of Musical Composition to the teaching and learning units assignment problem Proposal of bases for networks implementation HAN and smartmeters in smartgrids Study of the performance of the concatenation of low complexity equalizer with code NRZ-irregular LDPC for wireless mobile channels Development of a virtual drive system of an underwater mobile platform inspired in biomimicry Multichannel system with virtual instrumentation for an electronic tongue Segmentation and classification of universities in Chile: disadvantages from the start and effects of public financing policies Comparative study of the actions to consider in the process of conceptual design from the engineering and the product design Model for organizational assessment at the start of a software process improvement Just owner involvement is important?

An empirical analysis of trade recommendations on social networking sites A review of the characterization and evaluation of permeable friction course mixtures Routing wavelength assignement: a solution with Tabu search in dynamic traffic Mauro S. Pinto, Claudio R. Martins, Sidney N. Cerqueira, Sergio A. Carlos A. Mobile internet usage in Chile: exploring the antecedents of its acceptance at the individual level Prospective evaluation of intellectual capital of Universidad de Atacama, through the Delphi technique Implementation of a modular curriculum for teaching differential calculus Normalized static indexes for voltage stability based on reactive power reserves and loadability margins Optimal cyclic code and rotated constellations for channel of transmission with low voltage electric line Predictive-cooperative control for the operation of a centrifugal pump network in a serial multiproductpipeline system Identification and extraction of memes represented as semantic networks from free text online forums Extraction of goals and their classification in the KAOS model using natural language processing Luis Alfonso Lezcano R.

Bidirectional topological optimization with material penalization scheme and displacement constraints Development and implementation of a chemical vapor deposition reactor to obtain thin films Arroyave, J. Jaramillo, M. Arenas, C. Saldarriaga, J. Jaramillo, V. Structural and morphological behavior of bismuth thin films grown through DC-magnetron sputtering Evaluation method for the switching rules between normal and reduced inspection plans based on Military Standard e Impact of 5S on productivity, quality, organizational climate and industrial safety in Caucho Metal Ltda.

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Improved genetic algorithm for total tardiness minimization in a flexible flowshop with sequence-dependent setup times Multi-criteria modelling of mercury pollution prevention level in dental institutions Modelling distance education management system in Brazil using coloured Petri nets Dynamics of a magnetic particle under the influence of oscillatory fields Dimensioning of optical multicast for dynamic WDM convergent access networks Lean production system model with Petri nets to support for decision making Influential contextual attributes in the requirements elicitation process: a comprehensive literature review A meta-modeling and visualization environment based on Zoomable User Interfaces Jaime A.

Pavlich-Mariscal, Hernan D. Veliz-Quispe, Steven A. Demurjian, Laurent D. Correction of infrared images using a extended filter of constants statistics Development of a simulator for the quantum cryptography protocol E91 in a distributed environment Influence of microstructure in the tribological behavior of cemented carbides WC-Co boronized David Coureaux M. Simulation of biodegradation process of wastewater from meat industry by means of a multilayer perceptron artificial neural network Biazus, Roberto R.

Energetic contribution of anaerobic digestion to the production process of biodiesel from microalgae Characterization of an electrochemical reactor operating in galvanostatic mode for recovering of exhausted etching baths Advanced metering in buildings: strategies for increasing its use Influence of gait asymmetry on hip joints biomechanical behavior in patients with transfemoral prostheses An approach toward a classification of Chilean higher education institutions Factors that affect the formation of networks for collaborative learning: an empirical study conducted at a Chilean university Impedance-based fault location method for power distribution system considering distributed generation Simulation and optimization for fleet size determination in the supply-distribution logistic operations The management of industrial competitiveness through the application of methods UP and multi-criteria in a bovine slaughterhouse The behavior of West Texas Intermediate crude-oil and refined products prices volatility before and after the financial crisis: an approach through analysis of futures contracts Azevedo, Fernando.

Aiube, Carlos. Samanez, Claudio S. Bisso, Leticia A. Monitoring of carbon steels welded joints by magnetic Barkhausen noise Simulated systems optimization through response surface techniques Evaluation of combustion models for determination of refinery furnaces efficiency Information extraction from the web to identify actions of an automated planning domain model Proposal of a Markov chains based method for predicting paroxysmal atrial fibrillations Robotic motion control with cognitive and facial detection via Emotiv EEG Exploratory and interactive visualization model for association rules Towards conscious cognitive architectures: application in the video games domain Luis F.

Castillo O. A Constraint programming based web application for spectrum allocation engineering Alignment between decision making process and knowledge management: the case of touristic business enterprises Analysis of the times between arrivals of batches in a food industry Efficiency of public educational institutions of the district of Santa Marta Colombia through "Data Envelopment Analysis" Analysis of large distribution networks with distributed energy resources Assessment of the contribution of carbon credits for the competitiveness of concentrating solar power plants in Chile Synthesis of TiO2 thin films by the SILAR method and study of the influence of annealing on its structural, morphological and optical properties Segura-Giraldo, E.

Restrepo-Parra, G. Leak tests on polyethylene terephthalate containers based on support vector machine The fast multipole boundary element method performance evaluation for topological optimization procedure Wavelets, linear prediction and backpropagation networks for speech recognition system Cross-layer design for real-time scalar and multimedia contents transmission in wireless sensor networks Comparative study based on metrics for various reactive navigation architectures A new approach to optimal allocation of reclosers in distribution systems considering service quality and fixed costs Linear model to estimate the degradation index on the processing of recycled polypropylene due to the addition of stabilizer Influence of tempering process on the mechanical behavior of dual phase steels for automotive applications Control of software projects: actuality and challenges for the Cuban industry Gender classification using frequency vectors based on local descriptors Optimization model to sustainable design of multiple-products recycling supply chain Formalizing a working model with businesses in an engineering career The importance of the diagrams in the resolution ofproblems concerned deformable bodies in Mechanics: the case offriction forces Reactive control architecture for autonomous mobile robot navigation Study of the performance of the two-dimensions constellations with optimum rotations concatenated with interleavers golden for channel with class A noise Reliability evaluation of circuit breakers according to Norsok Standard Z Theoretical and experimental study of the phenomenon of post weld cooling in a cruciform welded joint Study of thermal shock resistance of flame sprayed coatings manufactured to protect molds used in glass containers industry Taxonomies of techniques and tools for Knowledge Engineering: guide for knowledge project development Monitoring system for patients with treatment of tendinosis of patellar tendon using Kinect What do researchers mean by "the right requirements elicitation techniques"?

Cervix cells image segmentation and evaluation of features for cervical neoplasia detection Objective evaluation to plan and allocate parallel tasks in multicomputer system A column generation-based algorithm for solving combined inventory and routing problems Determination of oxidation rates, nitrification and sedimentation in the process of self-purification of a mountain river Analysis of information disclosure for Chilean case using multiple correspondence methodology Field mapping of knowledge in entrepreneurial intentions through analysis of social knowledge network Paulo R.

Duailibe Monteiro, Carlos A. Soares, Leonardo de C. Rocha, Wainer S. Distributed slack optimal power flow formulation for determining locational marginal price Generation of signals for radio over fiber system based on electrical combination of baseband and radiofrequency components Routing wavelength assignment: New snake-one heuristic for WDM networks with dynamic traffic Usability evaluation of a course management system based on Lingweb platform Javier M.

Structuring multicriteria model for airports selection for cargo airlines exclusively A proposed methodology for the selection of the inmotic distribution centers configuration using data envelopment analysis Algorithms for the problem of location of plants and distribution centers maximizing Benefit An ant colony algorithm for scheduling flexible flowshop with sequence dependent setup times and total tardiness minimization Effect of seat inclination on intradiscal pressure during simulated driving task, assessed using a biomechanical model Enhanced method for multi-scale wind simulations over complex terrain for wind resource assessment Influence of infill parameter on the mechanical resistance in 3D printing, using the Fused Deposition Modeling method Response of a vibrating screen when it loses stiffness in the supports Analysis of significative variables for the generation of an inventory of emissions from mobile sources and their projections Experimental characterization and modelling of a reversible heat pump for electric automotive application Determination of production capacity constraints in the process of obtaining copper Methodology satellite lito dynamics and scanning of soils for verification or identification of new sources of water underground for the use of rural drinking water systems Application of D-optimal design for modelling the adsorption of Cl-VOCs onto modified natural zeolites Effect of water on the bitumen and its possible influence in the moisture damage on a porous asphalt mixture Optimal state selection and tuning parameters for a degradation model in bearings using Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients and Hidden Markov Chains Design of a wireless sensor network for monitoring of flash floods in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia Location and size of renewable energy sources and capacitors in radial distribution systems with commercial losses Hybrid algorithm based machine learning for missing data management applications OLAP Classification of requirements elicitation practices in agile developments: a systematic mapping Applications of artificial intelligence in supply chain process: a systematic review Adequacy profile of software requirements elicitation techniques Prediction of academics marks of informatics students using neural networks Modelling of a refrigeration system characterized under extended operating conditions Comparative analysis of semi-active control algorithms applied to magnetorheological dampers Design of fuzzy control strategy applied to food process deep freeze Rafael J.

Torres, Jaime A. Statistical study of the incidence of some synthesis variables on the crystallinity and other properties of Ni,Fe hydrotalcites like compounds Estimation of optimal operation policies associated with the generated affectations: case study El Cuchillo dam The methodology of machinery and equipment maintenance adopted by the textile industries located in the Zona da Mata Mineira Influence of environmental management systems in organizations ISO case study manufacturing enterprises of Barranquilla Contribution to the inverse logistics be means of implantation of the reuse through the Petri nets Linear approximation model for the assessment of resilience in a supply chain Multiobjective reconfiguration in primary power distribution systems A novel rule generator for intrusion detection based on frequent subgraph mining Ultrasonic-based monitoring of tapered roller bearings in frequency and time domains Procedure for manufacturing machines elements through technology group in small and medium enterprises Instrument to assess the status of maintenance management on bioproduct plants: Case study Microstructure and mechanical properties measured by microindentation and nanoindentation of 4.

Inventory Management Methodology to determine the levels of integration and collaboration in supply chain Validation of the self assessment survey of the administrative and service units Streit, Luis G. Compressive sensing applied to efficient white spaces detection in multiband signals - methodological validation Multicriteria Hybrid Method - ROA, for the choice of generation of renewable sources: case study in shopping centers A new approach to solve the distribution system planning problem considering automatic reclosers Oscar D.

Montoya G. Quality evaluation in software development model driven by models Effect of anaerobic-oxic-anoxic AOA sequence on the elimination of organic matter, phosphorus and nitrogen in a modified SBR at laboratory scale Mauricio Ramos Ramos, Juan F. Saldarriaga Molina. Turning performance analysis using coefficient of tool life in relation to the volume of removed material Mechanical strategies of arborescent plants: structural teachings of trees GRASP approach for the unrelated parallel machines scheduling problem with makespan minimization and sequence dependent setup times Method to calculate the added value in supply chain of electromechanical products Methodology for comparison of Enterprise Resource Planning systems for port logistics Paola A.

Referencial architecture of Big Data for the management of telecommunications Design of a monitoring network of meteorological variables related to tornadoes in Barranquilla-Colombia and its metropolitan area Low cost web system to monitoring and control an agricultural greenhouse Design of a logistics network via an optimization model considering out-of-stocks Computational study of transient conjugate conductive heat transfer in light porous building walls Mechanical and tribological features of TaN Ag-Cu duplex nanocomposite coatings: their response to heat treatment Efficiency of entities providers of health EPH in Colombia through data envelopment analysis Performance indicators for logistics enterprises: A land freight transport scope Identification of hidden costs from the work organization study of an enterprise from the pharmaceutical sector in Cuba Analysis of records of previous behaviour for decision-making.

Application for software project management Monitoring, control and diagnostics in automatic capacitor banks at low voltage A model to estimate a natural frequency based on the vibrational response of a system excited by a high acceleration sine sweep Expert committee classifier for hand motions recognition from EMG signals David A. Madrigal, Juan J. Comparison of two methods for predicting surface roughness in turning stainless steel AISI L Behavior of corrugated fibre cement sheets subjected to suction loads Quality assurance method in a software development methodology: a practice approach Design patterns for building online courses in a virtual learning environment Rethinking Engineering practical training: a case study on programming in first year of college Management maintenance in high voltage circuit breakers.

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State of the art Locating mobile devices in indoor environments by analysis of WiFi network radiation and magnetic field distortions Develop of speed three-phase variator: programing focused on multitasking Compressed sensing multiespectral model for cognitive radio networks State of mechanical condition applied to industrial machines based on SVD method Industrial airflows numerical simulation in ducts and devices using all-speed algorithm in structured meshes Optimal selection of conductors in distribution systems using tabu search algorithm Organizational and environment factors that predict the use of ICT in Chilean companies: An application of neural networks Experimental evaluation of venezuelan cassava drying by using a hybrid air heating system Characterization of user interface development frameworks for interactive systems based on video content distribution Effectiveness as a multidimensional construct in the determination of strategies of enterprise informatization Lightning performance analysis of transmission lines using the Monte Carlo method and parallel computing RMLSA algorithm for flexible optical networks under dynamic operation Ariel Leiva L.

A comparative study of corrosion resistance in welded joints of aluminium alloy AA obtained by friction-stir and Gas Metal arc welding processes Microstructural and mechanical characterization of dual phase steels ferrite-martensite , obtained by thermomechanical processes Marulanda, D. Toro, F. Castillejo, B. Characterization of traffic of the video streaming service based on lexical analyzers Methodologies, techniques and tools in requirements engineering: a systematic mapping Evaluation of role performance in software development teams.

Use of valuation scales How knowledge engineering is applied in market reach?

Study of case ERP Odoo configuration experience for small business. Successful case in TostoneT Involved factors in the research results transfer in higher educational institutions Partial maintenance to high voltage breakers management model using artificial intelligence Design and implementation of a robotic observatory teleoperation based on Robot Operating System Development of a mobile application for recognition of people after a natural disaster using NFC technology Methodological structures of systematic literature review in software engineering: a systematic mapping study Remote monitoring system of aquaculture in tanks for shrimp breeding Data Mart to obtain indicators of academic productivity in a university Solving the balanced academic curriculum problem using firefly algorithm Mobile and wireless system coverage with ideal power control and user mobility Fracture mechanics assessment of fatigue semi-elliptical cracks in butt-welded joints Effect of heating rate on the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of titanium alloy modified Mercedes Cely, Grey Castellar O.

Chronoamperometric studies of triazines transfer across the interface of two immiscible electrolyte solutions Incidence of intellectual capital in the financial performance of universities of Chile Wear analysis in front loaders parts, by using finite element models Design and evaluation of an experimental refrigeration system working by solar adsorption Port sustainability management based on a Bayesian network model Application to the spanish port system Reference model for the integration of business modeling to requirements engineering: a proposal from the software industry Luis Mena N.

Microstrip antenna with metamaterial hybrid structure for 2.

Diana I. Galdamez, Gislaine Camila L. Leal, Franco J. Chiodi, Silvia B. Urrutia, Fernando J. Dynamic data envelopment analysis of food service efficiency forecast Effect of variation of the average daily volume and traffic growth rate on flexible pavements performance The addition effect of binders on the durability PDI of biomass pellets Optimal contribution margin in food service using inventory control with statistical dependence Takigawa, Edison A. Aranha Neto, Rubipiara C. Fernandes, Dyego de Campos, Mauro Cardoso.

Statistical analysis of equipment maintenance time in a food industry: a case study to identify sources of impact on performance Model for electric power estimation in photovoltaic silicon modules Intelligent Geographic Information System for Cuban electric company Productivity increase of an AWS 70S-6 steel electrodes wire drawing plant A simulation-optimization approach using genetic algorithm for dynamic Job Shop scheduling with stochastic demand Post-treatment of effluent household cleaning by conventional and catalytic ozonation Proposal model for optimizing the life cycle of thickened tailings deposits Ethanol production using pretreated biomass of Panicum maximum: effect of high solids loading on enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation of hydrolyzates Dynamic module of elasticity, factor of quality and material index of 25 woods.

Determination by transverse vibrations A study on quality and efficiency of a waterfall-like software development process applied by pair and solo programmers Notes to manage quality activities in software development projects to reduce the costs of correcting defects Drinking water demand regulation system metamodel in long term horizons Application of the Scoring method for integral customer classification Rosario C. Quality of the aquatic environment of high Andean rivers evaluated through environmental indicators: a case of the Cunas River, Peru Alternatives for knowledge management models in Higher Education Institutions Synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles using papaya peel extract for the azo dyes degradation in aqueous solutions Urban indicators and their influence on the urban sustainable development of metropolitan Huancayo - Peru Acquisition of SEMG signals with dry electrodes for the control of fingers movement in a robotic prosthetics made in a 3D printer Design of a three-states charge controller for photovoltaic systems using fuzzy logic Kinematic analysis and 3D virtual instrumentation for the Pegasus II robot Computer vision techniques for detection of physiological status eyes drivers Evaluation and characterization of TiO2 nanotubes synthesized via hydrothermal method with application in materials engineering Effects of heat treatment and the method of collection on the crystal structure of the poly lactic acid electrospinned nanofibers The influence of surface deflection on flexible pavements with low resistance subgrade A comparative study of gravimetric and electrochemical techniques for the evaluation of corrosion inhibitor activity onset and efficiency in pipeline CO2 environments Resistance of concrete with aggregate of clay block crushed as replacement of aggregate thick Service quality measurement: the case of the Guarantee Court from the city of Puerto Montt - Chile Evaluation of the student perception in relation to the use of the Moodle platform from the TAM perspective Control of a ball-and-plate system using a State-feedback controller Two-dimensional cyclic code with synchronization property for channels with class A noise Chemical equilibrium model to represent solubilities of ternary systems and their application to the prediction of eutectic of quaternary systems Jorge A.

Lovera, Svetlana Ushak, Elsa K. Flores, Angel G. Business process management technologies adoption: a systematic literature review Improving the processes of production through risk management and statistical tools Alexander D. Organizational design through a systemic and cybernetic approach: The case of an enterprise of sanitation Comparing two active learning strategies for teaching Scrum in an introductory software engineering course Silvia I.

Methodology for the identification of dynamic capacities for entrepreneurship in Higher Education Institutions Management procedure to ensure the quality of a university.

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Interaction with the interest groups Mipymes through the technical extensionism service Dual-Band generation in rectangular patch antennas using separated slots based on cantor sequence The using a co-rotating Timoshenko beam element in nonlinear analysis of beams, plane frames and 2D arches Electric energy supply system for actuators based on shape memory alloys Luis A. Experimental determination of fall velocity of non-cohesive sediment Drying rate of three types of solar dryers in golden berry Physalis Peruviana L.

Structural and morphotectonic analysis to the north of Valledupar-Cesar, Colombia: contribution to the studies of seismic danger of the Rio Seco Fault Design and implementation of an alternative process for the manufacture of bricks from gold mine tailings Optimizing production capacity in a food company using discrete event simulation Analysis of maintenance policies supported by simulation in a flexible manufacturing cell Experimental dynamic characterization of composites reinforced with natural fiber of fique Biological system analysis for domestic wastewater treatment in Colombia Adriana K.

Experimental study of the group effect of short piles excavated in a granular soil profile Granular aerobic systems: viable technology for wastewater treatment and its reuse for Chilean condominium Selection of variables related to journal bearing faults through logical combinatorial pattern recognition Analysis of the influence of test method and properties of steel fiber addition on concrete under the three-point flexural tensile Manufacture of densified solid biofuels briquettes made of acacia sawdust and cattle manure in the region of Cordoba An optimization approach for inventory costs in probabilistic inventory models: A case study Effect on thermal oxidation in TiO2 nanostructures on nanohardness and corrosion resistance Process and progress of requirement formalization in Software Engineering Model of a drinking water treatment process and the variables involved using Coloured Petri Nets Proposal of a tool for the measurement and evaluation in the development of new products The construction of scenarios using a diffuse inference system for stochastic optimization of the recycling supply chain redesign Structural equations model with influential variables on the urban quality of life.

A method for semi-automatic conceptual models representation from business documents written in natural language in spanish Metrics for the support of visual exploration of components in data mining models Comparative study of classical PID control algorithms for the angular control of an electromechanical arm Aligning the life cycle of a project with a BI maturity model: a proposal for the preliminary analysis stage Software Maintainability. Considerations for its specification and validation Analysis of the academic performance of Systems Engineering students, desertion possibilities and proposals for retention Qualitative stomach cancer assessment by multi-slice computed tomography Battery charger design with low current harmonic distortion for application in electric vehicles Paipa, Julio C.

Trujillo R. Jaramillo M. Development of steel castings to be heat treated by carbo-austempering Characterization of the shared mobility of the transport network companies in Mexico: entropy, homeostasis, negentropy Modelling biodiesel production from microalgae, using industrial wastewater as a growth medium Experimental testing bench for variable pitch wind turbines control strategies Resolution of spatial localization haptic by electrical stimulation in the fingertips Effect of machining parameters, machining strategy and curvature radio in the geometric quality of curved titanium surfaces A geographic information system for public transportation based on GTFS realtime standard Bioalgorithms for optical networks: New heuristic based on hyphae Using centrality measures to improve the classification performance of tweets during natural disasters Analysis of the integration of the supply chain in the textile industry in Ecuador.

A case study Experimental comparison between the sensitivity and cementation on the undrained behaviour of clayed soils Meaningful learning with active teaching strategy for a software project course. An experience in northern Chile Characterization of performance evaluation methods for software development teams Communication alternatives for AMI sensor networks in the Internet of things for an energetic scenario in smart cities Classification models to recognize patterns of desertion in university students A method for cutting tool wear monitoring based on an optical fiber proximity probe G.

The way towards the patents in the universities Rodolfo Schmal S. Arenas, Ravi N. Understanding of sample distributions for a course on statistics for engineers Lidia Retamal P. Particles association study of a borate sample from Sijes district, Argentina Rosa M. Reactive fluid flow simulation inside combustion chamber Carlos H. Salinas Lira, Pedro A.

Comparative study of numerical models for moving interface problems: analysis of the collapse of a liquid column Juan Pablo Barraza, Marcela Andrea Cruchaga.

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Solitonic waves in biotic-abiotic interfaces based in drude formulation for chiral media Rodrigo Cancino L. Integration of a educational flexible manufacturing cell Abraham Farias F. Pump-pump four-wave mixing in distributed fiber Raman amplifiers Marcelo Soto, Ricardo Olivares. Kinematics analysis of a parallel robot with a passive segment Abdelhakim Cherfia, Abdelouahab Zaatri, Max Giordano. Becerra C. Lozano M. Zapata, Juan D. Some hints for writing scientific papers Carlos M. A methodology for competency oriented curricula design Rodolfo Schmal S.

Experimental and numerical simulation of the damp wire drawing process of a carbon steel Ennio L. An optimal location model of undesirable facilities applied to the solid wastes in the metropolitan region Marcos Medina Tapia, Jorge Cerda Troncoso.

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Romero Dessens, Jaime Olea Miranda. Modular design of scheme coding concatenated for correction error with programming of hardware Cecilia E. Mixed internal flow with double diffusion of heat and mass Carlos H. Solar ultraviolet index increase with altitude Miguel Rivas A. Electricity spot price modelling in brasil using an autoregressive neural network Juan D. Introduction of memory elements in simulated annealing method to solve multiobjective parallel machine scheduling problems Felipe Baesler, Reinaldo Moraga, Oscar Cornejo. Generation of allowed frequency bands in dual transmission line with correlation of long-range in the disorder Edmundo Lazo.

Success factors in suppliers of manufactures within the chilean salmon industry Carlos Torres Fuchslocher, Hanns de la Fuente Mella. Hourly simulation of a combined ejector-vapor compression refrigeration system assisted by solar energy and natural gas Humberto Vidal, Sergio Colle. Effect of smelting copper slag as fine aggregate on the resistant behavior of concrete Patricio Cendoya. Challenges of distributed generation on the electric protection in distribution networks Marta Bravo de las Casas, Yumil Yanez Boza.

Segmentation of license plates through clustering techniques in external environments Juan Rojas Henriquez, Diego Aracena Pizarro. Visual model for mapping and morphological referents analysis: educational application in industrial design Juan Carlos Briede Westermeyer, Alonso Rebolledo Arellano.

The copper market worldwide: trends, risks, characteristics and potential future growth Manuel J. Selection of a mother wavelet for frequency analysis of transient electrical signals using WPD E. Silva, G. An overview for the microstructural properties of the Al-Fe-Cr alloy S. Valdez, A. Molina, B. Campillo, J. Procedure to estimate the spatial diversity in electromagnetic environments of multipaths J. An approximation of trapezoidal type fuzzy numbers Y.

Deterministic selection and annular crossover in genetic algorithms: an application to the planning of thermal generating units Boris Pavez-Lazo, Jessica Soto-Cartes, Carlos Urrutia, Millaray Curilem. Computational solution of biological models of spatial-temporal pattern formation Juan C. Vanegas A. Landinez P. Optimal location of reclosers in distribution networks in order to minimize the average interruption frequency Jerson Reyes S.

Karagabi Kmmodel: reference model for the introduction of knowledge management initiatives in knowledge based organizations Alberto de J. Strategy for numeric modelling of composite systems considering different models of rupture for the materials Julio Cesar Molina, Carlito Calil Junior.

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Numerical simulation of the melting of particles injected in a plasma jet Jorge Romero Rojas, Marcela A. Coal gasification for power generation: analysis with real options valuation Alejandro Concha A. Theory of reliability applied in the evaluation of the life in contact fatigue Nelson Vanegas M. A proposal of meta-ontology for requirements elicitation Carlos M.

Giraldo, Jhon E. Knowledge engineering applied to costumer service in the software industry Mauricio Uriona Maldonado, Adriano Coser. Time series prediction using support vector machines Juan D. Model-driven reverse engineering and program comprehension: an example Eugenio G. Scalise P. Modeling of overhead transmission lines for lightning overvoltage calculations Juan A. Velocity and gravitational effects on GPS satellites: an outline of early prediction and detection of strong earthquakes H. Torres-Silva, A. Souza de Assis. A didactic proposal for the characterization of radio frequency devices and electrical networks at range KHz to MHz R.

Linares y Miranda, H. A new hybrid dynamic metropolitan train model Ingeborg Mahla, Ricardo Ovalle. Incorporation of business intelligence elements in the admission and registration process of a chilean university Luis Fuentes Tapia, Ricardo Valdivia Pinto. Transferability criteria of the concurrent approach in the product design and development processes of Chilean small and middle size companies Carole Baudin.

A service oriented architecture for the implementation of the personal software process Erick Salinas, Narciso Cerpa, Pablo Rojas. Graphene chiral elements H. Torres-Silva, J. Equivalent circuit of a regulating transformer Juan A. Instantaneous symmetrical components estimation of electrical signals using tuned filters Johann F. Parameter estimation procedure for an asynchronous motor simplified thermal model Julio R. Three-dimensional synthetic turbulence: anomalous scaling in the inertial range and multifractal properties of the dissipation Carlos Rosales H.

Implementation of a fuzzy control for the direct kinematic control of a robot manipulator D. Tibaduiza, I. Amaya, S. Mejia, M. Mechanical responses of plasma sprayed coatings from residual stress measurements and finite element analysis: effect of the pore network architecture Claudia Constanza Palacio Espinosa.

Analysis of quality of service and customer satisfaction in two five-star hotels in the city of Cartagena Colombia by structural equation model Juan C. Quesada, Ingrid Blanco. Albornoz, Edward H. Corrosion mitigation of buried structures by soils modification V. Morales, J. A simulation-optimization heuristic for configuring a selective pallet rack system Mario C. Triphasic induction motor multiresolution analysis on voltage sags M.

Macri, M. Faustino, J. Paulo Davim.


Challenges for teachers in the knowledge society Liliana Pedraja Rejas. A requirements engineering approach based on the alignment of data warehouses and business strategy Ania L. Cravero, Samuel E. The methodology of real options: an application to the case of a paper company in the Biobio region, Chile Rodrigo Ahumada V. Joule losses in feeders that transport harmonic currents in low voltage Guillermo F.

Antonieta Soto. Combustion of rich ethane-air mixtures in inert porous media Khriscia Utria S. Novel designs of planar filters in microstrip and finline technologies using split ring resonators A. Casanueva, J. Herrero, F. Broadband diplexer design based in waveguide technology for satellite applications K. Cepero, A. Mediavilla, A. Tribak, F. Erosion-corrosion behavior of magnetron sputtered NbN films A.

Olaya, J. A mathematical formulation and solution to schedule surgeries with human resource constraints in a public hospital Lorena Pradenas Rojas, Exequiel Matamala Vergara. A procedure for assessing the risks of innovation in the management of industrial maintenance Fernando F. Espinosa, Acires Dias, Gonzalo E. Higuera Cartes. A new polarimeter scheme based on solid state semiconductors Heiner Castro Gutierrez. Practical model of three-phase distribution transformer for low-frequency transients analysis: Parameter identification Jorge E.

Cavitation detection in a centrifugal pump using acoustic emissions Jabid Quiroga M. Study on incipient fault bearing detection based on enveloping and cepstrum techniques Jabid E.