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If you're wondering about a pending purchase or bank deposit, you can learn more All bitcoin transactions require a miner fee to be confirmed by the bitcoin​.
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Where is my cryptocurrency deposit or withdrawal? – Bitfinex Help Center

Method 2: Seach for a reputable online spot exchange and open an account to purchase cryptocurrencies. Method 3: Over-the-counter trading, you can find someone who is willing to sell Bitcoin P2P, Peer to Peer transaction , pay the money directly, and then he sends you Bitcoin to your personal wallet address. This eliminates the exchange account opening process. If you need further assistance, go to the wallet that was used to make the deposit and attempt to obtain the transaction hash TXID. Contact our live chat agent or email to support bybit.

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At present, Bybit does not support any BEP20 tokens. Any BEP20 deposits to any Bybit wallet addresses will not be credited and will result in the permanent loss of your deposit. The following coins cannot be recovered under any circumstances.

How long do Crypto transfers take?

If you unintentionally deposited an unsupported coin type not listed above, kindly go to the wallet that was used to make the deposit and attempt to obtain the transaction hash TXID. Bybit only supports the recovery of certain real coin type deposited into a testnet wallet address. If you unintentionally deposited real coin into your testnet wallet address, kindly go to the wallet that was used to make the deposit and attempt to obtain the transaction hash TXID.

Both scenarios will incur a one-time handling fee of USDT 20 4 The entire process may take 5 to 10 business days to complete and all communications will be sent via the account's registered email address. Therefore, If your wrong deposit amount is less than USDT 20 in value, Bybit will not proceed to perform an asset recovery. Bybit only supports the deposit of USDT. For account asset security purposes, all withdrawal requests are subjected to a stringent withdrawal request processing happening at 3 designated timings , and UTC.

After the successful processing of your withdrawal request, traders can expect to receive their coins within 2 hours Subjected to the blockchain's mining capabilities and transaction workloads. For any special request, please reach out to our live chat support.

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Yes, there is. Please note that Bybit pays a standard miner fee.

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  4. Hence, it is fixed for any withdrawal amount. Bybit processes and review all withdrawal requests at 3 fixed time intervals at , and UTC. A multi-signature cold wallet is an offline cold wallet and requires at least 2 out of 3 authorizations before the releasing of any funds, ensuring maximum asset security.

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    As such, all our clients are required to submit a manual withdrawal request and subject it to a stringent withdrawal request processing happening at 3 designated timings , and UTC. Select History at the top of the screen. The deposit should appear in your Deposit History along with the number of network confirmations needed to complete. Can you speed this up?

    Certain coins, like BCN, have higher confirmation minimums due to network instability.

    Crypto - Withdrawals

    At this time, BCN has a minimum of confirmations before the funds are liquid. As a result, BCN deposits may take longer than usual to be available.

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    I sent a deposit without including the necessary memo ID. Is it possible for you to help me? Yes, our team may be able to assist with these cases provided the necessary information. Please file a support ticket for assistance, providing your transaction ID and evidence that the funds are yours.

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    4. Please note that these time's are subject to fluctuation as external factors can influence the transfer time associated with an asset given the implications of network condition changes. Crypto withdrawals will be processed immediately, and after 5 minutes, should be visible on the Blockchain network. Crypto transactions are irreversible and as such there is no way to cancel these withdrawals and re-credit the funds to the account.

      Pending Deposits

      When executing one of these, please ensure that you have triple checked the address and currency you are withdrawing. Crypto withdrawals are processed and withdrawn immediately but will sit in a pending state until 1 confirmation is recorded on the Blockchain network. This will typically occur after around 20 minutes or so. However, this figure tends to be higher in times of high network traffic.