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It had earlier fallen as much as 16% to hit an intraday low of $45, Smaller digital tokens like ether and XRP also tumbled. Ether slipped 11%.
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Ben Winck. The token has steadily fallen from its early-January highs as experts warn of a market bubble and investors secure profits. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Read the original article on Business Insider. SEE ALSO: The research director at Grayscale breaks down 5 digital tokens other than bitcoin and ethereum that he is newly tracking - and shares 3 emerging opportunities he's monitoring ».

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3 Reasons Bitcoin Crashed by $3,000 – And Why It’s Still Bullish

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But so is the opportunity. Below, look at the brutal pullback as summer turned to fall. Could the government overregulate the crypto sector, crushing investors? I frequently hear from folks who are reluctant to invest in coins because they fear the government could regulate them too heavily and limit their uses. But a government that is more knowledgeable about and open to cryptocurrencies would be a positive. Its regulations could help increase confidence in the burgeoning space.

We need regulators who understand blockchain technology and its potential to improve so many areas of our lives. We need a person in charge who has not just heard of blockchain but possesses a deep understanding of it … and its inestimable value. Gensler is a professor at MIT who has taught a course on blockchain, so he clearly understands the technology and its applications.

Cryptocurrency Price Check: Bitcoin Falls Below $50, - TheStreet

Matt is optimistic that under Gensler, forthcoming crypto regulations will be well-thought-out and provide an environment for innovation to continue. That would be huge. It would be another major step forward in Blockchain 2. Earlier today came news that Coinbase, which is the biggest U. Approval from the U. Securities and Exchange Commission for a listing would represent a landmark victory for cryptocurrency advocates, vying for mainstream endorsement for a sector which has struggled to win the trust of mainstream investors, regulators and the general public.

Bitcoin is down, and traders have found shinier new stocks in recent days.

It would pave the way for the highest-profile share listing of a company whose business is primarily focused around the trading of cryptocurrencies, and could also be seen as a tacit regulatory approval of assets traded on its platform. When we do that, it can help us ride out these periods of weakness. The pullback also offers some shyer investors a new entry point. Matt has raised the buy-limit prices on several altcoins recently, including some in the new issue that came out just yesterday.