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+ VIDEO. Sur Snapchat, la starlette a conseillé à ses fans d'investir dans le bitcoin. Via Twitter, l'Autorité des marchés financiers l'a.
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More Information. Manrique, C. An Update on Bitcoin as a Digital Currency. In Khosrow-Pour, D. IGI Global.

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She tried hard to block out bad memory. It wasn't until ; she accepted her traumatic life and start writing a book, so people from all over the world could read it. The books covered from when she was a teenager to adulthood, Nabila's story is too painful for everyone to read.

The first reaction from me who have read it has been overwhelming and too painful.

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  • Nabila Aguele became the first Nigerian in INSEAD’s history..
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From young and old, Nabila has the yearning for a normal life and the longing for acceptance and love from people. Her pages diary, which is being published for the first time, is a snapshot of her life aged Nabila faced discrimination and sexism.

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An aspiring filmmaker, Nabila also fills her diary with dozens of men treated her unfairly. Email Address: [email protected]. Join The Community.

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